‘Typequick Professional’ for business.


‘Typequick Professional’ is the touch typing training course for employees in any type of business.

Typequick Professional is ideal for employers who are looking for big increases in productivity.  The program will teach your employees touch-typing skills, so that they can use all their fingers without looking at the keyboard, in a total of around 10 – 15 hours, spent over approximately 20 – 30 days.  Once they have learned the correct finger positions, Typequick Professional will build up their speed and accuracy through further challenging and engaging exercises.  At the end of the course, your employees should be able to type accurately at around 40 words per minute, with some achieving even faster speeds.

The program provides helpful encouraging feedback as they progress through the lessons.  It will assess their progress and will create and present additional remedial exercises as it identifies the keys on which they need more practise. Users can change the size, colour and style of the fonts in the typing exercises to suit their preferences, whilst overseas users can select the appropriate keyboard from a number of options.

As the program is delivered online, users can practice at home as well as in work, and their progress will always be recorded in the Typequick learning management system.

The course includes separate modules covering the number pad (great for data entry keyboard skills) and the punctuation keys.