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    CPD Certified typing training for boosting employee productivity and efficiency. Accredited video-based e-Learning courses on business skills and regulatory topics, such as Health & Safety.

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Learn to Touch Type Online

At Type&Test Ltd, online typing training is our business!

Andy Stevenson, Managing Director.

If you were driving a car, wouldn’t it seem odd if you didn’t know how to move past second gear?  You wouldn’t get to your destination very quickly!

It’s similar if you can’t type properly.  Why type in first or second gear when you have the capability of reaching fifth or even sixth gear?  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will get through your typing and how much extra time you can free up once you have improved your typing skills.

Never before has it been so important to learn how to type quickly and accurately!  These days many of us spend large chunks of our day at a computer keyboard – at work, at school, at college or university and at home.  For businesses, slow and inaccurate typing has serious implications for productivity and efficiency.  And in education, students are expected to use a computer regularly every day, but are rarely given the chance to learn to type properly.  That can hinder learning, build frustration and dent confidence.

As the UK’s leading online typing training and assessment provider, we have a solution for everyone.  Whether you want to boost employee productivity in your business, improve your personal job prospects, give your students an invaluable life-skill or gain yourself an accredited typing qualification, we have the answer.

Don’t be left behind in the slow lane!  Contact us now with no obligation and we’ll explain how we can help you.


The UK’s only nationally accredited touch-typing qualification.
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What some of our customer say about us

We are very happy with the brilliant customer service we receive from Type&Test.

The managed service is particularly useful and excellent value, and frees up teachers from having to do any laborious setup; if you email the student details in advance, your groups will be set up and ready, with students receiving an email with all their login details. 

The products are online and easy to use, allowing students to proceed independently at their own learning pace, introducing concepts in a logical order, with appropriate challenge to allow them to develop their skills in a relatively short space of time. 

Highly recommended!

Mark FitzsimonsDirector of Studies, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield

“My pupils really enjoy the course, I have never had girls begging to be allowed to get on with Touch Typing before!”

Anne ThorntonHead of ICT, St.Mary’s School, Calne, Wiltshire.

“The Typequick Skill Evaluator online tests from Type&Test are perfect for assessing the typing skills of potential new call handler and despatcher recruits.  We get immediate results with extensive data reports and the Type&Test staff have always provided first class superfast support and advice.”

Stephanie GibsonRecruitment Manager, Southwest One.

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