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Support Documents:-

1.  Best Practice Guide V1  This document is a Guide for schools on how to ensure your pupils get the most out of the Typequick courses.

2.  QS Guide to enrolling new students Annual (Type-Net) TQPro + SKE  A technical guide for administrators on how to enrol students and monitor their progress via the Typequick Learning Management System.

3.  How to create and import a list of students into a Typequick Administrator Account.  Instructions on how to first create your list of students in Excel before converting it into a Notepad file so that you can then import the student records into your Administrator Account (Student Group).

4.  Creating a Customised Skill Evaluator Test.  Instructions on how to create custom Skill Evaluator tests using your own text.

5. Typequick Administration System – Hierarchical Structure Diagram.  This simple diagram shows you the relationship between Main Administrator Accounts, Administrator Accounts (student groups) and Student Accounts.

Product information documents:-

1.  Type Faster Work Smarter flier Business  Find out how our unique course for busy professionals will result in you saving huge amounts of time and money whilst giving you the skills to produce more accurate business communications.

2.  Sample Return on Investment Report See for yourself how a company who put 10 staff through our’Type Faster, Work Smarter’ course saw dramatic improvements in staff typing speed and accuracy with productivity gains calculated at £5k per employee per year.