Touch typing – the simple way to boost your company’s productivity.

Dramatically boost your company’s productivity by implementing a touch-typing training programme.

If you think that touch typing is only for PA’s, then join the 21st century!  We are all typists now! Today, the vast majority of business documents are electronic and emails are used for communication far more than the telephone.  Yet more than 80% of employees who use a computer at work cannot type efficiently.

For employers, this astounding statistic raises enormous questions about productivity.  During tight economic times, time is precious.

The simple fact is that an employee who has learned to touch type will often be twice as productive as one who hasn’t. They will also make fewer mistakes, waste less time making corrections and portray a more professional image of your organisation through their written correspondence.

And then there is RSI – ‘Repetitive Strain Injury’.  Employees who learn to touch type will sit up straight at the keyboard with their eyes on the screen.  This means that they are far less likely to suffer neck or upper back injuries than the two-finger typists who are constantly looking down at the keyboard.  The last thing you need is a raft of injury compensation claims!

So what can you do?  The solution is simple, quick and very, very cost effective.  Typequick Professional will soon have your employees able to touch type emails, letters and reports effortlessly, accurately and fast.  Just think of the savings your organisation could make and the time you will free-up for your people!

Have a go at working out how much your organisation could save using our Productivity Calculator.