Assess your employees’ typing skills with Skill Evaluator


‘Skill Evaluator’ – the easy way to assess your employees’ typing skills.

If you have no idea how good or bad your employees’ typing skills are, then Typequick’s ‘Skill Evaluator’ is the quickest and simplest way to find out.  For just £10 per employee (or less depending on employee numbers) you can easily and quickly assess who needs to improve their typing skills before you invest in some typing training.

With Skill Evaluator, your employees can do a timed typing test without leaving their desk.  A three-minute test should be enough to reveal how quickly and accurately (or how slowly and inaccurately!) they can type.

They can do a practice run first to get used to the test format if you wish.  Then, their final test result, expressed in terms of speed and accuracy, will calculate immediately. You can then view a report to reveal precisely where errors were made.  The Typequick Learning Management System will compile a wider report showing every individual’s test results, so you can compare skills across departments.

You can use Skill Evaluator to test your employees skills before and after they complete the Typequick Professional touch typing training for business course. You can therefore easily demonstrate how they have improved, as well as calculate the productivity gains you will make.  Being able to measure this is an essential part of typing training for business. Skill Evaluator is also an ideal tool to use during recruitment exercises, as it will immediately identify those recruits who have the typing skills you are looking for.

Click here to download the Skill Evaluator product flier.