Typequick courses – world class typing training your school can afford


Unlike free web-based programs, Typequick is hosted under 100% secure conditions

Typequick online typing training courses are world leaders in the field of typing training for school children.  Our courses have trained over 6 million students to touch type worldwide.  The product was first developed over 30 years ago and has been constantly updated to keep pace with new technology.  Today it still leads the way in its field and is the only touch typing course to have been selected by Open Awards to prepare students of all ages to pass their national accredited touch-typing qualifications.

At Typequick, not only do you get a first-class proven product, you get great support from our friendly team too.  With much more content than its rivals, Typequick benefits from a comprehensive Learning Management System that gathers and presents statistics on the progress of your students.  And unlike free web-based programs, Typequick is hosted under 100% secure conditions on huge Google servers, so your students won’t be peppered with pop-up adverts during their training or have their computers infiltrated by cookies – or worse.

We believe that, in an age when the computer keyboard is used more often than the pen, every child should be given the chance to learn to type properly.  That’s why we have introduced our unique cost effective annual licence scheme for schools.  From as little as 50p per learner, or even less for unlimited licences, the price encourages schools to offer Typequick to all its pupils.