‘Typequick for Students’ will teach your pupils to type in around 10 hours.

‘Typequick for Students’ tranforms children’s typing. It teaches children from the age of 6 up to 16 to touch type – but adults love it too! It adopts the same highly successful teaching methodology as ‘Typequick Professional’, our accredited course for older children and adults, but uses cartoon images and a story line to engage your pupils.

‘Typequick for Students’ will improve children’s typing by teaching them to type with all their fingers, without looking down at the keyboard, all in around 10 hours. Once they have learned the position of the keys, it’s wealth of varied and fun content will build up their speed and accuracy as it takes them through a range of further exercises that will hone their skills. When children’s typing improves, it has the added benefit of building computing confidence and helping their spelling too.

The program includes a full progress tracking system as standard.  We provide easy-to-follow instructions which you can manage yourself, or you could ask us to manage all the administration for you.

Here are the main benefits:-

  • Learn to touch-type in around 10 hours
  • Build up speed and accuracy and achieve speeds of over 40 wpm and sometimes much higher
  • No pop-up adverts or security fears that exist with free online programs
  • Builds confidence to become a more efficient computer user
  • Improving children’s typing gives them an advantage when so much school work takes place on a computer
  • Helps with spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Helps save time for teachers marking, as typed work is legible work
  • Ideal for those children with dyslexia and other special needs
  • Needs no supervision and can be used inside or outside school
  • Web-based program, so no software to install.

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