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Schools, Colleges or Employers

Nowadays, our courseware programs are accessed via the internet. This involves students visiting a web site and logging onto the course with their own unique user-name and password. You won’t need to install any software. All your students will need is a broadband internet connection.

For employers, schools, colleges and universities using the Internet version, a Learning Management System is included. This will enable you to create groups of students each with different administrators if need be. The system will record every completed student session, so the administrator can monitor students’ progress, whether they use the course at home or on site.

For further information about Typequick, we now have two e-Brochures available online:

View e-Brochure for Schools

View e-Brochure for Business


Type-Net Annual Licence Pay-by-User Scheme The 'Typequick Income Generator' Scheme

From £0.50pp


Annual Licence Scheme Pay-by-User Scheme

From £2pp

Adult Education

Annual Licence Scheme Pay-by-User Scheme

From £1pp

Individuals & Families

Family Version (2 or More) Single User Version Skill Evaluator Typing Tests Type Faster, Work Smarter

From £15pp