The Typequick Learning Management System.

Measure and monitor your employees’ progress

Typequick Professional comes with a Learning Mangement System (LMS) as standard, which records the progress that every one of your employees makes through the Typequick Professional course.

You will see at a glance how often each individual is practising and the speed and accuracy scores they are achieving in their speed-typing lessons.  You will be able to arrange them into groups if you wish, such as departments, and appoint an administrator to each group to oversee their progress.  You will be able to view reports of progress and even identify which employees are performing fastest or slowest, just to add a bit of competition to the proceedings!

In addition to recording progress through the Typequick Professional course, the LMS will also control and report on your employees’ achievements in their ‘Skill Evaluator’ typing assessments.  Through the LMS, you will also be able to manage user enrolments, so that you can control when employees can start and finish the course.  And you can award each employee a personalised Certificate of Achievement, important to count towards CPD targets, to reward them for their effort.

Typequick is web-hosted through a 100% secure Google site, so there is no software to install and no worries about security.