It’s never too late to learn to touch type!

If you have been struggling for years with two-finger typing and given yourself neck-ache by constantly looking down at the keyboard, then rest assured that it is never too late to learn to touch type!  It might just take you a little longer to discard your old embedded bad typing habits than if you had learned when you were a child.

‘Typequick Professional’ is the UK’s only CPD Certified online touch-typing training course for grown-ups and for older children. It uses the same highly successful Typequick touch-typing training methodology as ‘Typequick for Students’, but uses a more adult approach, with no typing games or cartoon characters.

The Typequick Professional touch-typing training course will teach you to touch type, using all your fingers and without looking at the keyboard, in around 10 – 20 hours of short, regular practice sessions.  Once you have learned the position of the keys, Typequick will help you to build your speed and accuracy as it takes you through a range of further exercises that will hone your skills.

Here are the main benefits:-

  • Learn to touch-type in around 10 – 20 hours
  • Build up your speed and accuracy to acheive speeds of over 40 wpm and sometimes much higher
  • Build your confidence to become a more efficient computer user
  • Type faster and therefore work smarter!
  • Learn to touch type and you will saves hours of your precious time
  • It’s perfect for beginners and improvers
  • It’s a web-based program, so there’s no software to install.  All you need is a broadband internet connection
  • For employees, it counts towards annual CPD targets.

And here are some of the programme’s main features:-

  • 100% secure online course hosted on massive reliable Google servers – no annoying pop-ups or cookies
  • Contains a huge 40 hours of engaging, fun and sometimes challenging content, to keep you motivated
  • A settings menu allows you to change the font size, style and colours, and adjust other controls
  • Set and occasionally adjust your target speed and see your progress scores measured against it
  • An introductory lesson covers the home keys, finger positions and posture
  • Random tailored exercises are provided to give you extra practice on the keys where your accuracy is weakest
  • Separate additonal practice for number and punctuation keys
  • Optional timed typing assessments, with no marking and automatic production of a Certificate of Achievement.