Learn to type at home then test your typing skills with Typequick Skill Evaluator.

Once you have decided to use Typequick to learn to type at home, what better way to measure the success of your training than by running a Skill Evaluator test before and after you complete your course?  It will provide the clearest illustration of the improvement you will have made when you finish the course.

You can purchase Skill Evaluator typing tests as an optional extra to your Typequick course.  You will be able to log onto your tests using the same user name and password that you use to log-in to your course, which makes access nice and easy.  The result will be shown on screen immediately you have finished the test which will only last three minutes and you will be able to see a report of your test afterwards, showing the exact passage you typed with any errors highlighted.

When ordering your Typequick course online, you can choose to add the Skill Evaluator tests for an extra £10 on top of the price of your course.  We will provide you with two test attempts and two practice tests.  You will be able to print off a Typequick Certificate of Achievement that shows the speed and accuracy score you achieved.

For an extra fee, why not consider going for the Open Awards Level 1 and Level 2 touch-typing qualifications?  Click here for more information.