Engaging, fun and sometimes challenging, children learn to type with Typequick.

‘Typequick for Students’ helps children from the age of 6 up to 16 learn to type – but adults love it too! It uses a fun approach by following cool ‘Kewala’ as he travels around Australia meeting zany characters whilst learning to type along the way.

‘Typequick for Students’ will teach your child to type with all their fingers without looking down at the keyboard, all in around 10 hours. Once they have learned the position of the keys, it will build up their speed and accuracy as it takes them through a range of further exercises that will hone their skills. It will help improve their spelling too.

Here are the main benefits:-

  • Children learn to type correctly and quickly in around 10 hours
  • It builds up speed and accuracy to achieve speeds of over 40 wpm and sometimes much higher
  • It builds confidence in children to become more efficient computer users
  • It gives a child an advantage when so much school work takes place on a computer
  • When children learn to type correctly, it helps with spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • It also helps those children with dyslexia and other special needs
  • The training needs no supervision – practice ‘little and often’ at home or on any computer with an internet connection
  • Typequick is a web-based program, so there’s no software to install.

And here are some of the program’s main features:-

  • 100% secure online course hosted on massive reliable Google servers
  • Contains a huge 60 hours of engaging, fun and sometimes challenging content, to keep your child motivated and engaged
  • A settings menu allows you to change the font size, style and colours, and adjust other controls
  • Set, and occasionally adjust, your target speed and see your progress scores measured against it
  • Follow Kewala’s journey with references to Google Earth showing real locations
  • An introductory lesson covers the home keys, finger positions and posture
  • Random tailored exercises are provided to give you extra practice on the keys where accuracy is weakest
  • Separate additional practice for number and punctuation keys
  • Optional timed typing tests, with no marking and the automatic production of a ‘Certificate of Achievement’.