‘Typequick’ – fun effective typing training for children and the whole family


Not teaching a child to type is like teaching them to read but not to write

As a parent you have already demonstrated by logging onto this page that you recognise how important fast and accurate keyboard skills are to your child.   In this computer driven age, when school children are now expected to use a computer keyboard more often than a pen, their ability to touch type – using all their fingers without looking down at the keyboard – has become vitally important and will give them a key advantage now and in future.  Yet other than those that have invested in Typequick, few schools provide any touch typing training for children.  It is like teaching a child to read but not teaching them to write.

At Type&Test, we provide programs to suit children and the whole family.  Our Typequick for Students course is the popular choice for most children, but whilst your child is learning to type, why not join them by investing in Typequick Professional, our program for teenagers and adults?  Whilst it lacks the cartoons and storyline, it makes up by providing the same highly effective self-paced interactive method that comes with our guaranteed results.

An individual one-year subscription to either of our online courses costs just £24 – or £36 if you include our Skill Evaluator typing assessments.  And our Family Price (i.e., where you purchase more than one copy) is just £18 per family member, or £27 including Skill Evaluator.  So you can order Typequick for the whole family at a discounted price!  These are such small prices to pay for courses that will give you hours of fun and a skill that will last a lifetime.

You can order these deals online, or if you want to purchase larger quantities for friends and family, then email us at enquiries@typeandtest.com and we will let you know the price.