‘Practise at Home’ scheme – earn your school income the easy way


It’s a great scheme, and what a bonus to get some cash back!”  John Carver, ICT Teacher,Cothill House School

‘Practise at Home’ is a scheme through which your pupils will learn touch-typing skills whilst your school earns valuable income.Typing saves money

To take part, all you need to do is send parents an email (or a letter) which we have drafted for you and which you can tailor as you wish.  The email invites parents to order Typequick for their child directly from us, using their credit card, for just £18 – a discount of 25% of normal individual retail prices.

A link in the email you send them will lead to our special ‘Practise at Home’ order page. Parents will be able to order for their children, themselves, or even their friends and family.  Every individual order they place, whether for a pupil of your school or not, will generate a £5 donation from Type&Test to your school, paid in a lump sum three months after the email was sent.

So whilst your pupils learn, your school will earn!  It couldn’t be simpler.  We will do all the student enrolments for you and you will be given access to your own Learning Management System online, so you can verify how much donation you are due and watch how your pupils are progressing through the course.  They will be able to use it at home, at school or anywhere they can access the Internet, 24/7.

For more information, go here where most, if not all, your questions will be answered.  To make an enquiry about the scheme, please click here and complete and submit our online form, without commitment.