Touch Typing Training for Grown-ups!

‘Typequick Professional’ is a touch typing training course for adults or children aged 12 upwards.  It uses the same highly successful Typequick touch typing training methodology as Typequick for Students, but uses a more adult, less gamey approach, without the cartoon characters and story line.

The Typequick Professional touch typing training course will teach you to touch type, using all your fingers and without looking at the keyboard, in around 10 hours.  Once you have learned the position of the keys, Typequickwill help you to build your speed and accuracy as it takes you through a range of further exercises that will hone your skills.

The program will provide you with feedback on your performance as you progress, and will encourage you as you move through the touch typing training lessons. The course will assess your progress as it goes along and will create and present additional remedial exercises especially for you, as it identifies which keys you need to practice more.

Typequick Professional is ideal for employers who want their staff to become more productive at the computer, for FE colleges and universities who want their students to be more effective learners, or individuals who just want to enjoy their computer more and give themselves more time. This leading touch typing training course consists of the following:-

  • 10 main keyboard lessons which introduce all the letters, principal punctuation keys and the number row
  • A course module that focuses on all the punctuation keys
  • Another module that concentrates on the number pad – the group of numbers that sit on the right of the keyboard (great if you do lots of data entry work)
  • Lots and lots of exercises to increase your touch typing speed and improve your accuracy (over 40 hours of content)
  • A settings menu, so that you can change colours, font styles and sizes and other aspects of the way the program works
  • Cumulative reports that show you, in list or graph form, how you are improving.

Typequick Professional runs online via the Internet, so there is no software to install.  It is so easy to use! We will give you a user name and password so that you can log into the course on any computer with a broadband Internet connection at any time of day!

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