A time-saving tool for all those involved in hiring or assessing staff

The Typequick ‘Skill Evaluator’ typing test program is a quick, efficient and convenient method of assessing typing skills.  It is a time-saving tool for all those involved in assessing and hiring staff or training students.

You can use Skill Evaluator for a number of purposes.  For example, whether you are an employer or a tutor, you can use it to assess the typing performance of employees or students before they learn to touch type. You can then measure their improvement and the return on your investment.

The Skill Evaluator is also invaluable to staff-hiring departments and placement agencies. Typing assessments can be delivered easily and quickly as part of the recruitment exercise, so that you make sure to recruit staff with good typing skills.

Skill Evaluator makes typing test assessment quick, easy and accurate and eliminates tedious marking. It is designed to monitor every keystroke. It is also fully automated to stop the typing test after the chosen set duration and accurately score the input. You can print a detailed evaluation certificate if required. You can also retain the typing test performance and results of many people for later analysis.

The typing test conditions may be varied in many ways to suit your particular typing test requirements. Access to all these changes may be password protected.  You may choose from our numerous prepared typing tests or you may create new typing tests using your own text.  All texts are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access. You may also test examinees with hard copy typing test text.

Skill Evaluator is available to use over the Internet via a secure web-hosted environment.  Administrators can control when their learners are tested by switching it on or off at any opportunity using the Typequick Learning Management system. Learners using Typequick Professional and Typequick for Students online courseware will access their typing test using the same user name and password they use to log-into their course, but only when the administrator has made a test available for them.

For a free Skill Evaluator evaluation or demonstration and for pricing information, please contact us.