Typing Assessment with ‘Skill Evaluator’


Reward your pupils’ typing efforts with a Typequick Certificate of Achievement.

Once your pupils have completed their Typequick training, you can use our ‘Skill Evaluator’ automated typing assessment program to test their typing skills in a timed setting.  The result, expressed in terms of speed and accuracy, will appear on screen immediately the test has concluded, so there is no marking involved.  And the Typequick Learning Management System automatically gathers all the results for later analysis.  You can even see an exact replica of the passage your pupil has typed, with any errors highlighted.

Skill Evaluator will also generate a Typequick Certificate of Achievement for every pupil who has taken the assessment.  So it can act as an end-objective and incentive, and give you a clear illustration of the improvement your pupils have made.

Students will be able to log onto their tests using the same user name and password that they use to log-in to their course, which makes access nice and easy.  Skill Evaluator can also be used independently from Typequick training programs.

Those administering Skill Evaluator assessments have total control over who takes an assessment, when and how often.  You can easily create custom tests using your own text or you can use the various standard templates provided.

Click here to download the Skill Evaluator flier.