Monitoring your pupils’ progress


The Typequick Learning Management System is the controlling engine of your Typequick courseware.

Included with every purchase of Typequick courseware is the Typequick Learning Management System (LMS), whether you opt for the ‘Type-Net’ annual licence or the ‘Pay-by-User’ scheme.

The Typequick LMS is the controlling engine of your Typequick courseware.   Through this, you will enrol your pupils, organise them into student groups if required (e.g., classes or year groups), and monitor their progress through the course as much or as little as you want.

When you first order Typequick, we will provide you with a ‘Quick Start Guide’ to help you get up and running.  Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you will soon have your students enrolled.  Or if you want to save time, you can ask us to enrol them for you for a small fee through our ‘Student Enrolment Service’.

Once your students have started the course, you will have lots of information at your disposal that will illustrate the progress they are making.  You will be able to see:-

  • Who are the fastest and slowest students
  • Who are the most or least accurate
  • The last lesson a student has completed
  • When each student last used the course
  • How many hours they have used the course in total
  • A student’s complete set of lesson scores

You can even see an individual’s speed and accuracy for each individual key on the keyboard.