CPD training for teachers.

How your fingers could save you 5 hours a week!


For teachers, perhaps more than most professions, time is precious. And the demands made upon teachers are greater than ever before.

These days, after classes, there’s lots of administration to take care of. Much of that involves sitting in front of a computer screen with fingers ready to tap on a keyboard.  How many hours a day does a typical teacher spend at the computer – one, two or more?  Whatever the answer, it isn’t likely to be insignificant.

If teachers have to spend so long using a computer keyboard, then doesn’t it make sense to be able to do so as quickly as possible? Yet more than 80% of teachers work at a reduced speed, simply because they have never learned to speed type.

Just imagine being able to type at double your current speed. It could mean gaining perhaps an hour a day, maybe 5 hours a week! Multiply that over a year and the productivity gains are astounding.  And all it takes is a little time now to make huge gains in time later.

‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ is our keyboard skills improvement course designed specifically for busy teachers and it comes with guaranteed results. Click here to request detailed course information.  Learning online, using our proven ‘Typequick Professional courseware with support delivered remotely by one of our experienced typing coaches, your teachers will gain fast and accurate keyboard skills in a matter of weeks of ‘little and often’ practice, easily fitting it around the demands of their job.

Alternatively, self-motivated individuals could purchase Typequick Professional on its own, without the coaching, for just £36 including VAT.

Either way, because it is the only typing course to be CPD Certified, it will count towards individual personal CPD targets and result in a CPD Certificate on completion.