Typing training in schools – why should pupils learn to touch type?


Learning to touch type will give your pupils an advantage.

Recent research suggests that, on average, every pupil uses a computer at school for around three hours a day.  Perhaps this is not surprising as more and more schools expect their pupils to type their notes and assignments and conduct research via the Internet on a regular basis.

It is likely too that exams will soon take place using a keyboard as opposed to a pen.  So learning to touch type will certainly give any child an important advantage.  And for teachers, there are benefits too.  After all, typed work is always legible work, making marking so much easier and quicker.

What is surprising is that, whilst around 85% of schools think that typing training in schools is a good idea, only around 15% provide any typing training.  Consequently, most pupils adopt bad typing habits and are held back by their inabililty to put down their thoughts quickly and accurately.

Yet for a modest investment (often less than £1 per head depending on quantities), your pupils could learn to touch type at speeds of more than 40 words per minute – twice handwriting speed, through just a few minutes’ daily practice using our Typequick online typing training courseware.

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