1. What are the pass marks for the Open Awards touch-typing qualifications? 

For the Level 1 qualification, you must achieve 20 words per minute with 95% accuracy.

For the Level 2 qualification, you must achieve 40 words per minute with 98% accuracy.

2. How can I learn how to touch-type? 

Included in your qualification pack is one-year’s access to ‘Typequick Professional’, our market-leading online touch-typing training programme. It has around 40 hours of content that will teach you the finger positions for touch typing and then, once you have learned those, lots of varied practice sessions will help you to build up your speed and accuracy.

3. Can I take the test if I can already touch type? 

Yes, if you have already learned to touch type – whenever that was doesn’t matter – then you can take the test to confirm your skills. We will still provide you with the Typequick Professional courseware as part of your qualification pack, which you can use to check your speed and to brush up your skills if you need to.

4. Can I take the test at home? 

Yes you can! As long as you are aged 16 or more, have the appropriate equipment on your computer and can verify your identity.  This is explained further below.  If you are aged under 18, you will need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult whilst the taking your test.

5. How long does the test take?  

The test is automatically timed for 5 minutes. The clock starts ticking down from the moment you start typing and your score will be calculated as soon as the time is elapsed.  However, the overall test session might take up to 30 minutes to allow time for you to produce evidence of your identity, to take a warm-up test and for us to brief you on what to expect. 

6. Can I take the test at work? 

Yes, provided you get permission from your employer to do so and that you have the appropriate equipment and proof of your identity (see below).  If your employer wants several employees to take a test, then one of our examiners may visit and invigilate test sessions on site.

7. What equipment do I need to take the test online at home? 

You must have the following:-

  • A webcam (camera)
  • Audio output, such as headphones or speakers
  • A microphone
  • A computer or laptop with a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard
  • A broadband internet connection.

If you don’t have all of these items, you will not be able to take the test. So you should check that you have them beforehand and that they are all working correctly.

 8. What conditions do I have to satisfy to take the test at home or work? 

  • A quiet room where you will not be interrupted;
  • Your mobile phone must be switched off;
  • You must have paid your test fee in advance;
  • If you are aged under 18, you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian;
  • A clear space on your desk without clutter that will distract or hinder you during your test;

If it is clear to the invigilator that any of these conditions aren’t satisfied then you will not be able to take the test.

9.  What is included in my test package? 

  • The ‘Typequick Professional’ online courseware programme, licenced to you for one year. This will teach you how to touch type and provide you with lots of practice in order to build up your speed and accuracy;
  • Practice tests – as many as you need – for you to take in your own time so that you can assess your skills before taking the test for your qualification;
  • Guidance and encouragement from one of our team;
  • The online test session with our invigilator;
  • Two test attempts for the qualification;
  • The Open Awards Certificate at either Level 1 or Level 2, depending on your result.

If you don’t pass either Level, we’ll provide you with a non-accredited Certificate of Achievement which shows the speed and accuracy score that you achieved. 

10. How much does it cost? 

For the complete package described at item 9 above, the price is £125 plus VAT, payable in advance.

11. How do I place my order? 

Simply complete our application form and pay your fee using a credit card.  We’ll then send you your login details for the Typequick training programme and your practice tests.  We’ll register you with Open Awards and we’ll also communicate with you to arrange a date and time for your tests when you are ready. 

12. What if I fail the test? 

We’ll make sure that you are ready for your test session by providing you with the opportunity to try several practice tests. On the day, you will have two 5-minute tests available to you, so if you don’t pass on your first attempt, you’ll be able to have another go.

13. How soon after I have started the course will I need to take my test? 

We will encourage you to put in regular practice so that you can take your test within 3 months of placing your order. However, in the event of you still not being ready, you will be able to delay taking your test for up to one year from the date you started your training.  If you don’t take the test by then, you will lose the chance to do so and we cannot refund your fee.

14. How will I connect to the online test session? 

The test session will be conducted online using a system called ‘Zoom’, a video conferencing system. We’ll send you an email before your test confirming the date and time that we will have already agreed with you.  All you need to do is click on a link in the email about 5 minutes before your test session is due to start.  If you haven’t used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download a small file which will take a minute or so.  Then you’ll automatically connect with your test invigilator, who will be waiting for you.

15. What if I am late dialling in? 

If you are more than 5 minutes late then we reserve the right to cancel your test session. This is because we may have another test session slot starting immediately after yours.  If yours were to run late, we might not be ready to connect to the next candidate. 

16. How does the test session proceed once I am connected? 

The invigilator will introduce themselves to you and ask you to show your proof of identity. For this you will need a form of photographic ID, such as your current passport, a current driving licence or the ID card you use at work, for example, if you have one.  If you don’t have any photographic ID, your test session won’t be able to continue.

Provided your photo ID is all in order, the invigilator will then explain to you how the test session will run. You will be offered a warm-up test in the same format as the main test.  You will then have a short rest before taking the main test – the one that counts!  You will have completed at least one practice test in your own time before the test session, so you should already be familiar with the test format.

During your main test, the invigilator will observe you via the webcam, replicating the situation that would take place if you were in an exam room. As soon as you have completed the test, your score will be displayed on screen.  If you have passed the Level 2, your test session will end and the invigilator will congratulate you, ask you for some feedback on how the session went, and explain what happens regarding your Certificate.

17. What happens if I don’t pass the test?

If you pass the Level 1 but would like another attempt in order to try to pass the Level 2, then you will be able to do so, provided your score in your first test was close enough to the score required to pass the Level 2.

If you fail to pass your first attempt at either Level, you will be offered the chance of a second attempt which you will be able to take straight away.

If you fail to pass either the Level 1 or 2 at the second attempt, no more attempts will be available to you. However, you will be offered a non-accredited Certificate of Achievement which will show your name and the score that you achieved.

18. What if I fail both my attempts and would like to have another try?

You will need to re-register and pay the fee a second time. We’ll explain clearly what you need to do if you want to pursue this.

19. What happens if something goes wrong during the test?

If, for example, your internet connection fails, it will not be possible to continue the test session. We will consider offering you a re-test, depending on the circumstances.

If you are interrupted whilst you are typing your main test by, for example, your phone ringing (mobile phones should be turned off!) or because someone comes into the room and distracts you, then your test will be aborted. If you have one test attempt left, you will be able to start again but you will have used up one of your attempts.

20.  What if I have any other questions about the test sessions that are not covered here?

If you have any other questions regarding the Open Awards typing test sessions, then please email enquiries@typeandtest.com