Information for any organisation considering offering the Open Awards Typing Qualifications. 

1. Who are Open Awards? 

Open Awards is an Awarding Organisation, with its Head Office in Liverpool, that is approved by Ofqual.  It is also an Access Validating Agency approved by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).  You can find out more about them by visiting 

2. What typing qualifications are available?

There are two qualifications, both awarded by Open Awards:

3. What are the pass marks for each qualification? 

The Level 1 Award is passed with a typing speed of 20 words per minute and with 95% accuracy.

The Level 2 Award is passed with a typing speed of 40 words per minute and with 98% accuracy.

4. What is the credit value for each qualification? 

The Level 1 Award achieves 3 credits and the Level 2 Award achieves 5 credits.

5. Are the qualifications eligible for funding? 

Yes.  The Level 1 is funded to the value of £100 per candidate with the Level 2 attracting £150.

Both are funded via a range of funding options including EFA, ASB, OLASS and ESF budgets.  For schools, they are eligible under Section 96.

6. What is Type&Test’s role in the delivery of the qualification?

We can provide you with online learning courseware (‘Typequick’), approved by Open Awards, that teaches learners how to touch type.  We also provide an automated online typing assessment tool (‘Skill Evaluator’), also approved by Open Awards, with which you can deliver the typing tests for these qualifications.

7. Do the tests have to be invigilated?

Yes.  Using our Skill Evaluator tool, each test only lasts 5 minutes and delivers an instant result on screen. If a candidate fails the test then they have a second attempt available should they need it, which they could take on the same day or at a later date.

8. Would my centre be obliged to use the Type&Test courseware and assessment tool? 

You can deliver touch-typing training in whatever way you choose.  You are also permitted, if you prefer, to deliver the tests manually – for example, where candidates copy-type from a piece of paper.  In such a case you will of course have to mark the candidate’s work.  However, if you decide that you wish to deliver the tests using an automated typing assessment tool, then our Skill Evaluator tool is the only one which Open Awards have approved.

9. What are the benefits of using the Skill Evaluator automated typing assessment tool? 

It is so quick and easy to use, both for you and your learners.  Once you have enrolled a learner for the test, they can log in using the same user name and password that they have used for their Typequick course.  The result of the test will appear immediately on screen at the end so there is no need for manual marking.

10. If we use the Skill Evaluator tool for the typing tests, will we have to use the Typequick course too? 

No, you can use the Skill Evaluator independently from the Typequick courseware.

11. Will I have to send test results to Open Awards? 

Not if you use our Skill Evaluator automated typing test tool.  The scores are recorded in the tool’s learning administration system and you can give Open Awards online access to it so that they can check the results and identify which candidates have passed.

12. How can my school/college/organisation apply to become an Open Awards Test Centre? 

If you want to deliver the tests for these qualifications then yes, whether your organisation is a school, college, adult learning provider or employer, you would need to apply to become an accredited Open Awards Test Centre.  There will be an initial fee payable to Open Awards for the application and then an annual fee for continuing to retain your Test Centre status.  Open Awards’ fees are detailed on their web site – click here.  By achieving Test Centre status, you will be able to deliver other qualifications offered by Open Awards if you wish to do so.  You can contact Open Awards directly or contact us at and we will put you in touch with one of their team.

13.  What if my organisation is already an Open Awards Test Centre?

Then you will already be authorised to deliver their typing qualifications.  Contact your Open Awards account manager for further information.

14. How long should a test session take? 

Around 20 – 30 minutes.  Whilst the automated test itself takes only 5 minutes, you should build in time to brief your candidate, offer them the chance to do a warm-up test first, take a short break between the warm-up and the main test and then to de-brief them at the end of their test once they have seen the result.

15. What happens if a candidate fails both test attempts? 

They will need to be re-registered with Open Awards again and will therefore incur a second registration fee.

16.  Can my organisation purchase and use the Typequick courseware and the Skill Evaluator before deciding whether to go ahead and apply to deliver the qualifications?

Yes.  You can purchase our courseware and assessments and use them to train and test your learners without it committing you to go on to deliver the qualifications.  You can even award them a non-accredited personalised Certificate of Achievement.  Pricing is shown in question 17 below, but whether your organisation is a school, adult learning centre, college or business, we also offer annual licence terms through which the cost per head reduces significantly.  Please email for more information – there is no obligation to proceed from there.

17. How much does the Typequick courseware and the Skill Evaluator automated testing tool cost? 

The price for both products together, purchased from us at Type&Test, is £30 plus VAT for each learner/candidate.  Discount could be available if you were to purchase online stock in advance.  You will have:-

  • Access to the Typequick courseware for each leaner for one year from the date they first log in;
  • Two Skill Evaluator test attempts which won’t expire;
  • Unlimited practice tests;
  • A learning administration system which collates all the test scores and enables your centre to track the progress of each learner through their course;
  • User and technical support.

18. How much is the registration fee for each qualification? 

The current registration fees, payable to Open Awards, are £28 for the Level 1 qualification and £31 for the Level 2.

19. How will successful candidates receive their certificate from Open Awards? 

Open Awards will post the certificates to your centre for you to send them on to your learners or to hand them over personally.

20. What if I have more questions? 

For questions about Test Centre recognition, please contact Open Awards by either:-

If you have general questions about the qualifications, or about the Typequick courseware and the Skill Evaluator typing assessment tool, please contact us at:-

Or complete our online enquiry form – click here.