Employees who can type quickly and accurately are worth their weight in gold to any business. Most jobs require the use of a computer these days and therefore an employee with good typing skills will be more productive than those whose skills are below par. Improving your employees’ skills will save your business hundreds of pounds per year – every year.

At the end of their training using our online courseware, you have the option to reward your employees by giving them the opportunity to gain a nationally accredited touch-typing qualification, awarded by Open Awards.

As an accredited Open Awards test centre, we are authorised to invigilate test sessions on your premises. Your employees will only need to give up about half an hour of their time on the day. Results are instant and the Open Awards certificates for those who are successful will follow soon afterwards.

Open Awards provide touch-typing qualifications which are awarded at Level 1 and Level 2. You can find out more about them, including the pass marks, by clicking the links below:-

Open Awards Level 1 Award in Touch Typing Skills (RQF)

Open Awards Level 2 Award in Touch Typing Skills (RQF)

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