NEW! Productivity Booster for Business.

How many employees in your business use a computer keyboard regularly?  For example, for emails, letters, reports, data entry etc.  Or to communicate with others through instant messaging perhaps?  The answer is often ‘most’.

So it stands to reason that if they could type more quickly, then it would benefit your business.  By working faster they will be more efficient, more productive, have more time to do other things and save you money – or give you more output for your bucks.

And employees who can touch type keep their eyes consistently on the screen.  So not only do they work faster, their accuracy is better too.   This means less potentially costly errors and more professional business communications which give your business a positive image.

But how do you know how good, bad or indifferent your employees’ skills are?

Our new ‘Productivity Booster’ programme is the solution.  It starts with each employee undergoing a 5-minute ‘Skill Evaluator’ assessment of their typing which they can complete without leaving their desk.  We’ll set them up remotely so you won’t have any administration to do.  They’ll see their score immediately they finish, expressed in terms of speed and accuracy.  Then we’ll send you a report of all the scores achieved by each employee and we’ll advise you on who could do with some training to improve their skills.  This way, the training will be focused only on those who need it.

We’ll then set up our ‘Typequick Professional’ course which those who require it should use ‘little and often’, at work, at home – on any computer with a broadband internet connection.  You’ll be able to monitor their progress along the way.  When they have improved sufficiently, usually in just a few weeks, we’ll run the assessment for you again, to give you a before and after measurement.

We’ll finish off by letting you have a Return on Investment Report to show how much your business will gain or save from your employees’ improvement.

The assessment costs just £5 per head.  For those who need the training, the price is at most £20 per head, and could be as little as £10 depending on the numbers.  Prices exclude VAT.

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