The benefits of using our e-Learning courses.

To give your employees key training in business skills and regulatory subjects such as Health & Safety, then look no further than Type&Test.  Our market-leading video-based courses deliver significant benefits compared with tutor-led training courses.


  • Delivered at a fraction of the cost of tutor-led training;
  • No costly expenses associated with courses held away from the work place.


  • Video-based content keeps your learners engaged;
  • The content of the course is always consistent for every employee;
  • Content is regularly updated to keep pace with legislative changes;
  • New courses are added regularly.


  • Training is delivered immediately it is needed;
  • Learners can complete the course in instalments, fitting it around their work commitments;
  • Employees can repeat the training as often as necessary;
  • Courses are delivered on any computer with a broadband internet connection;
  • Time lost through attending training courses is avoided;
  • A simple administration system is included which records course activity.


  • There is an assessment at the end of every module to verify that learning has taken place;
  • Every course is accredited by an appropriate professional or regulatory body;
  • Every student who completes the course will receive a completion certificate.

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