‘Typequick Professional’ for Adult Education


‘Typequick Professional’ is the course for adult learners studying at College, University or other learning institutions.

These days, most colleges and universities expect their students to type their assignments and dissertations.  Quite right too – what tutor wants to wade through a scruffy hand-written paper, which they will struggle to read even before they can make a judgement on the content?

Every adult learning institution should offer Typequick to their students at the outset of their course.  Doing so will benefit all parties in the long run.  For the student, learning to touch type will save them hours, which they can use to pay more attention to their subject matter.  Meanwhile, those students on computing courses will work faster and more intuitively, and gain confidence.

Typequick Professional will teach your students to touch type, using all their fingers and without looking at the keyboard, in a total of around 10 – 15 hours, spent over approximately 20 – 30 days.  Once they have learned the correct finger positions, Typequick Professional will build up their speed and accuracy through further challenging and engaging exercises.  At the end of the course, your students should be able to type accurately at around 40 words per minute, and some may be a lot faster than that.

To add a bit of incentive, why not use the Typequick Skill Evaluator typing assessments too so that you can award your students a certificate?