Spend £99 and gain £368.


At just £99 including VAT, our CPD approved ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ course aims to pay for itself many times over.

Our calculations show that a typical employee who uses a keyboard for, on average, 3 hours a day will save (or gain, depending on how you look at it!) at least one hour per week through learning to touch-type.

Even if that employee was on the National Living Wage, which will increase to £8.21 per hour from April 2019, the value of these savings or gains would amount to £368 per year.  The chances are that most employees will be earning more than that and most will be saving more than one hour a week.


But however you look at it, if your employees were to learn to touch type, not only will it increase efficiency and improve the quality and accuracy of your organisation’s business communications, it will save your business thousands of pounds per year – every year!

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