Looking for CPD accredited typing training? You’ve come to the right place!

Great news!  Our ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ online keyboard skills improvement course for business has been awarded ‘CPD Accredited’ status.  And it’s the only touch-typing training course in the UK to get such prestigious professional recognition!

This means that if you run a CPD scheme in your organisation, the course will count towards each individual’s CPD hours or credits.  With 40 hours of varied content, it can make a significant contribution.

At the end of the course, your employees will save hours of precious time and money having learned to type more quickly, effortlessly and accurately,  therefore boosting their productivity whilst improving the quality of your organisation’s written communications.  A CPD Certificate will be awarded to them to mark their accomplishment.

For more information about ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’, please contact us.