Looking for a typing qualification? We now have approved Test Centre status!

Gaining a recognised typing qualification not only proves that your typing skills have reached an acceptable standard.  It will also improve your job prospects, whether you are currently – or soon will be – searching for a job, or if you are looking to climb the ladder with your current employer.

The only touch-typing qualifications available in the UK today are two – a Level 1 and a Level 2 award – offered by ‘Open Awards’, a national accredited Awarding Organisation.

And at Type&Test, we have recently been awarded Test Centre status through Open Awards, which means that we can invigilate your typing test, either in the comfort of your own home (provided that you have a webcam) or on site at your school, college or employer’s premises.

The online typing test only lasts 5 minutes, wherever you undertake it, and you’ll know your result immediately you’ve finished.

If you represent a school, college or an employer interested in offering an accredited typing qualification to your students or employees respectively, or if you are an individual interested on your own behalf or for someone else, such as a family member, please click here to complete and submit our enquiry form, ticking the appropriate ‘Open Awards’ box.

Or if you prefer to send us an email, our email address is enquiries@typeandtest.com