With free online programs you get what you haven’t paid for!

Are you tempted to choose a free online typing programme for your pupils?  Our advice is don’t!  


Yes, we realise that a free programme sounds like a good idea if budget is short and you need to at least demonstrate that your school is offering typing training. But we would strongly advise you not to be tempted!

Yes, I know, you would expect us to say that, given that we charge for our product.

But let’s just stop and compare typical free programmes with our Typequick programme.

Minimal content – average 3 hours Up to 60 hours
No student tracking or administration (or you have to pay for it if available). Comprehensive student tracking system.
No typing tests Skill Evaluator automated typing tests with customisable certificate.
Available online 24/7 Available online 24/7, with added security through Google Apps engine
Infiltration from cookies unless specifically suppressed No cookies or pop-ups. 100% secure sealed Google platform.
Often peppered with distracting pop-up adverts No adverts, no distractions.
No speed or accuracy practice Large amount of speed and accuracy builder lessons.
No settings options Option to change font colours, styles and sizes, and the option to suppress sound if preferred.
No tailored lessons Lessons automatically tailored to meet each individual’s learning needs.
Cartoon characters Cartoon characters feature in a full animated story.
Free of charge Our ‘Practise at Home’ scheme incurs no cost to the school and instead provides a £5 cash donation to the school for every pupil enrolled.
Not accredited Uniquely used by Open Awards to support students preparing for national accredited touch-typing qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2.
No support Fast, friendly, clear customer support included!


And we can do better than provide you with a free course! Through our Practise at Home scheme, your school will generate income of £5 for every pupil enrolled on the course.  This is a chance to make some money for your school rather than spend it!

If you are interested in finding out more about the ‘Practise at Home’ scheme (with no obligation of course), email us at enquiries@typeandtest.com or call us on 01768 342821.