FREE typing skills assessment for employers.


How much time is wasted in your organisation through poor typing skills?  Now you can find out with our FREE assessment of your employees.

The majority of people now use a computer keyboard at work. Many spend hours doing so.  Yet around 80% of UK employees cannot type efficiently and it’s costing employers huge amounts of money in lost productivity. 

But how good are your employees’ typing skills? And how much money could you save if they were improved?

To find out, we would like to offer your organisation a FREE typing assessment. We will set it up remotely for as many employees as you like.  It will take them just 5 minutes to complete without them needing to leave their desk.

From the assessment, we will be able to suggest which of your employees need typing training and which don’t.

If you decide to go ahead with some training for those who need it, our CPD Certified ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ programme costs as little as £20 per head and includes a post-course assessment to reveal their improvement. Training is online and tracked.  Your employees will learn on a ‘little and often’ basis over a period of a few weeks.  They’ll do it at their desk or they could even do it at home.  And they’ll get a CPD Certificate at the end of it to demonstrate how much they have improved.

And we can even offer an accredited typing qualification through Open Awards for an additional fee.

We’ll wrap up the programme by providing you with a Return on Investment Report showing how much your organisation will save or gain as a result of your employees’ skills improvement.

Click here to complete and submit our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss it further.