Why don’t people reply to your emails?

If you wonder why people don’t answer your emails, it could be because:-

  • They didn’t ask you to email them so why should they reply?
  • You haven’t asked them a question.
  • They are rude and can’t be bothered.
  • They can’t type quickly enough so they never find the time.

Most employees use a computer keyboard at work, but most can’t type properly.  Over 80% of UK employees according to past research.  Apart from the obvious effect that has on business productivity, it also gives a bad impression.  Their silence suggests that either they are not very well-mannered, they are too disorganised to keep on top of their work or your email just isn’t important enough to them.

But the chances are that none of those apply and it is simply a case that their typing is so slow and laborious and they simply cannot keep up with the number of emails they get.

Think about it – do you do the same as them?  If so, maybe you should learn to type properly.

By learning to type using all your fingers and not looking down at the keyboard, you will type probably twice as fast and more accurately, and you’ll save yourself time, boost your productivity, reduce your stress levels and…….you might just make friends and influence people!

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