3 great options for our business customers!

For our business customers, we have three great options to get your employees typing fast, accurately and efficiently whilst boosting their productivity.


Option 1  – the ‘Typequick Professional’ programme.  Our ‘Typequick Professional’ courseware is a proven online course which over 6 million people worldwide have used in order to learn to touch type.  Your employees can use it on any computer with an internet connection 24/7.  With practice on a self-driven ‘little and often’ basis, they will soon learn to speed type with accuracy, enabling them to work faster and more productively.  Prices, at most, are £20 per head, with discounts depending on numbers.  For an extra 50% of the courseware price, we’ll you can include our Skill Evaluator pre and post course assessment tool to measure the improvement your employees make and to provide an incentive.  Our Learning Management System, which will track all your employees’ progress, is included as standard.  Or ask about our annual licence schemes for larger employee numbers, for as little as £2 per head!  To make an enquiry, click here.

Option 2 – our ‘Type Faster, Work Smarter’ productivity boosting CPD accredited course.  This starts with a 5-minute desktop assessment of your employees’ typing skills which we will set up for you remotely.  From there you will identify who needs to improve their skills before you go on to invest in our Typequick Professional training.  Those selected for training will be given an online induction session with one of our experienced tutors, either as an individual or as part of a group.  They will then embark on a programmed course of learning, usually lasting up to 13 weeks, tailored to their needs with support and advice from our tutor available.  There will another assessment at the end of their course to demonstrate how much they have improved.  For groups of 5 employees or more, we’ll provide a ‘Return on Investment Report’ for you at the end of the exercise to show how much you can expect to save as a result of your employees’ improvement in skills.  Prices at most are £50 plus VAT per head with discounts available for volume.  To make a no obligation enquiry, click here.

Option 3TheOpen Awards’ nationally accredited touch-typing qualification – This, the only nationally accredited touch-typing qualification available in the UK, could be added to whichever training solution you opt for, described at 1 or 2 above.  It’s available as a Level 1 or Level 2 award, and will provide employees who are successful with official confirmation of their skills, and an Open Awards certificate.  Click here to request details of prices.

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