Why should pupils learn to type?


Improving keyboard skills saves time, enhances learning and increases confidence.


According to a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute for IT about six years ago, school pupils were using a computer on average for three hours a day.  Yet whilst 80% of schools thought it a good idea that pupils were given keyboard skills training, only around 15% of schools did so.

The picture hasn’t really changed much today, except that pupils are probably using their computers even more regularly that they were then.

Of course most schools don’t have the timetable capacity to include typing lessons.  But with online training, they don’t need to worry.  Pupils can practice at home or in odd spare moments whilst at school.  Our Typequick courses are web-based, so there is no software to install and all they need is a connection to the internet.  Tuition isn’t necessary as the courseware is self-paced and interactive.  And a tracking system saves all the pupils’ scores, so teachers can keep an eye on progress when they wish to.

So what are the benefits derived by improving pupils’ keyboard skills?

  • They will work faster, saving hours of time, which in turn frees up more time for learning
  • Being able to type with all your fingers whilst not looking at the keyboard is a ‘cool’ skill that lasts a lifetime!
  • Typing becomes automatic, freeing the mind to concentrate on content and learning
  • Posture at the keyboard is naturally improved – sitting up straight whilst keeping the head up with your eyes fixed on the screen
  • Mistakes are spotted sooner, and corrected as you go
  • Confidence in using computers increases along with wider computing skills
  • Assignments are legible, which saves time for teachers having to mark work!

Find out now how you can easily and quickly start a programme of keyboard skills improvement in your school with our help.  Contact us via email at enquiries@typeandtest.com or phone us on 01768 342821.  Or complete our online enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch with you.