Schools, more than ever, are investing in keyboard skills training. Is yours?

It’s not surprising.  Our online keyboard skills training saves teachers and pupils hours of precious time.

This year, despite the tightness of funding and the increasing demands on teachers and pupils alike, more schools than ever before are taking up our Typequick courses.  And if you think about it, it makes sense in times when money is tight.

Learning fast and accurate keyboard skills saves huge amounts of time for both pupils and teachers.  How?  Well, if pupils are expected to use computers, they might as well learn to use them with speed and accuracy.  And when pupils’ type their work, teachers save time marking because it is at least legible!

fast-typingAnd of course teachers also benefit hugely from learning to type quickly and accurately.  A teacher who finds his or herself using a keyboard for, say, 5 hours a week, is likely to save a whole hour (or gain one, depending on how you look at it) by learning to type properly, even with the most modest speed improvements.  Given that most people who learn to touch-type can type twice as fast as someone who can’t, that one hour a week could even increase to one hour a day!

If you don’t think that you have time to deliver keyboard skills training, then think again.  Our course is interactive, can be used at home as well as in school and, as we do all the setting up and administration tasks for you, you won’t have to find time for it on top of your other responsibilities.

Browse our web site to see the range of solutions we offer schools, for all kinds of budgets, or even NO budget!  Complete our online enquiry form and we’ll email you back in no time – because naturally, we can type quickly!