Improving employees’ typing skills saves £5k per head per year.

Productivity Programme High Performance largeThe majority of people in the UK now use a computer at work for emails, letters, reports, research and so on.  Yet around 80% cannot type efficiently and, as a consequence, are wasting huge amounts of time.  And as time is money, that can add up to an awful lot of pounds, shillings and pence over the course of a year.

In fact, we estimate that, on average, someone who can touch type – that is, to type with all their fingers whilst keeping their eyes firmly on the computer screen – will be £5,000 a year more productive than someone who can’t.  Do your own calculations for your company by completing our online productivity calculator – click here.

And touch typists are more accurate typists.  Their business communications will project a more positive and professional image, as it won’t be littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Isn’t it time you tackled this hugely negative effect on output and quality?

The first step in doing so is to assess your employees’ existing typing skills.  We’ll do this for you.  Our unique ‘Skill Evaluator’ online typing assessment tool (which happens to be the only online tool used for UK typing qualifications), is the simple and fast way to assess skills, without your staff needing to leave their desk.

We’ll set it up for you remotely so your people can complete it at their desktop when they have a spare 5 minutes, which is all it takes.  Results are calculated immediately and reported back for you to analyse later through our online learning management system.  We’ll set up all the assessments for you remotely, put an end date on them and chase up any individuals who are slow to get round to it.  And we’ll carry out a calculation to show the amount of money your organisation can expect to save as a result of improving the skills of those who are revealed to need some training.

The price of all of this is just £10 plus VAT per head with a minimum order of 10.  We will be happy to discuss discounts for volume.

For more information, email or complete our enquiry form and tick the ‘Employee Typing Skills Assessment’ box.