NEW – the UK’s only accredited touch-typing qualification!

awards-pr_0Great news!  We have teamed up with Open Awards to bring you the UK’s only national accredited touch-typing qualification!

In the past, we worked with BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT, providing touch-typing courseware and typing tests for their national ‘e-type’ qualification.  However, BCS withdrew e-type in December 2014, leaving the UK with no accredited qualification for touch-typing.

But, once again, we have been appointed as the only provider of online touch-typing training and assessment products for a new touch-typing training qualification, awarded this time by Open Awards.  This is the only accredited touch-typing qualification available in the UK.

The Open Awards qualification is currently available as a Level 1 (requiring a speed of 20 words per minute (wpm) with 95% accuracy) and a Level 2 (requiring 40 wpm with 98% accuracy). Successful candidates completing the 5-minute automated test, at the end of which they will see their result on screen immediately, will be awarded an Open Awards Certificate.

The qualification is open to any age group and will therefore be of interest to schools, colleges, adult learning organisations, employers and individuals.
For more information, complete our online enquiry form, ticking the box ‘Open Awards qualification’, and we will email you details. Or give us a call on 01768 342821.