New! Typing Tests with ‘Skill Evaluator’ Online

SEfrontNow you can test the typing skills of your students online, using our automated typing test program, ‘Skill Evaluator’.   And it is so easy to use!  Just click a button in the Typequick administration system and a student who is already enrolled for the Typequick online courseware will be prompted to do a typing test when they next log in to their course.

You can get them to do a test at the start, part-way through or at the end of their training, so that you can see how they have progressed.  You can set how long the test will last, and you can even easily create your own text for the test, or use our pre-set templates.

The student will see the result on screen immediately they finish, along with a reproduction of what they typed with any errors highlighted. The result will be stored in your administration system. You can even get the system to print off a Typequick certificate for them including their name and score expressed in terms of speed and accuracy.

You can add Skill Evaluator to your existing courseware licence for a small extra fee.  Or buy it on its own. For more information, email us at enquiries@typeandtest or call us on 01480 861867.