Will touch typing soon be on the Curriculum?

jim_roseImagine if schools were told to teach children how to read but did not teach them to write?  Of course, this would be unthinkable.  However, many schools now expect pupils to use a computer for research and assignments.  And surely it won’t be long before computers are used for some, or even most, examinations.  And yet, there is still no requirement to teach touch typing.  As a result, pupils struggle along, typing with two fingers and spending hours more than they ought to hunched over a keyboard.

Touch typing is the key (excuse the pun!) to faster, more accurate and more productive use of the computer.  If you can’t type, its like driving a car but not knowing how to put it into second gear.  If pupils are expected to use computers, surely it is our duty to ensure that they can use them as effectively as possible?

Today, 90% of business documents are electronic and yet 80% of employees cannot touch type.  Will this be any different when today’s crop of pupils leave school and enter the world of work?

Sir Jim Rose completed a review of the Primary School Curriculum early this year (2009) and he concluded that “children (should) use and apply their ICT knowledge, skills and understanding confidently and competently in their learning and in everyday contexts”.  This will not happen if the children are not given the basic, fundamental skills for the job.

It is possible that touch typing will be part of the curriculum when Sir Jim’s recommendations become part of the Primary Curriculum in late 2011.  But it is by no means certain.

Meanwhile, why not get ahead of the game?  If you are a teacher, take action now to give your pupils, whether Primary or Secondary, the typing skills they need.   If you are a parent, lobby your school to include touch typing.  Typing need not encroach into lesson times, as it can be delivered easily and swiftly through extra curricula activities.   Pupils will benefit by getting a skill that will be with them for a lifetime.

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