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Learn to touch type online with guaranteed results!

We specialise in software that teaches children and adults how to touch type online, at home, at school, in college or in the workplace. Touch typing means typing with all your fingers without looking down at the keyboard.  It is faster and more accurate than two-finger typing.  It’s also more relaxing and it is better for your posture.  Today almost everyone uses a computer at work, school, college, university or at home, so touch-typing is the skill we all need to make us more efficient and confident computer users and to free up our valuable time.

At Type&Test, we are the exclusive UK distributors of the award winning ‘Typequick’ software and have supplied the program to hundreds of schools, colleges, universities, employers and individuals across the country.  Typequick is the only typing training program to have been selected by Awarding Organisations to prepare candidates for UK national qualifications. That is evidence, if it were needed, of the quality and effectiveness of Typequick compared with other products.

If you learn to type online with Typequick, you will learn to touch type quickly, reaching speeds of around 40 words per minute and often much higher.  Success is guaranteed if you follow our best practice tips.  Through this site, you can order Typequick, try a sample lesson and and find out more about our great products and first class support service.

Andy Stevenson – Managing Director



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